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About Us

BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. is an indigenous company duly incorporated under the Nigerian law with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in compliance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990.
Led by a dynamic management team, BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. has been strategically positioned to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to realize its vision. This is further enabled by the proper deployment of good corporate governance and risk management practices.

In fulfilling our vision, we shall continue to build and improve the capacity of the communities we operate in. These communities will be engaged in activities that ensure development and economic empowerment. Strict adherence to our belief in preservation of the environment shall be enforced. We shall always endeavor to be responsible corporate citizens. Our Company is focused on meeting industry best practice and requirements of processing raw gas into Liquefied Natural Gas and production of other related petrochemical products in Nigeria. We have a massive experience in worldwide sourcing of raw materials, machineries, equipment, transfer of technologies, and at the same time provide a superior level of support and services to the vibrant oil and gas industry.

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Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier indigenous LNG Processing and distribution outfit, driven by safe and responsible energy resource development in Nigeria and the World at large by using cutting age technology.

Our Mission

To improve consumers lifestyles by unlocking the potentials in LNG Processing and Distribution and become a world class gas processing company with capacity to design, construct and maintain related equipment and facilities, participating in supply chain management services and impact positively on the environment and our surrounding

Together with the pursuit of LNG processing, our goals are aligned with the government in the area of economic viability and empowerment, health, gas processing for export and domestic use. Our governance system and process enhance speedy decision making and execution, but maintain operational stability, leading to cost efficiency and to strive to achieve total client satisfaction.

The nature of our business require a focused and long term approach, thus, we will
work maintain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. We will constantly strive to improve efficiency and productivity through learning, sharing and implementing best
practices. Above all other objectives, we dedicated to running safe and environmentally
responsible operation. Consequently we will strife to continuously achieve superior
financial and operating result while adhering to the highest standards for business conduct. We strive to position our selves as a foremost corporate entity by the selective use of the Total Quality Management with the clear understanding that the goods and
services we offer must be customer oriented.

BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. is established for the purpose of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Processing and Production for Exports and Domestic Distribution.

Our hardworking, efficient and dynamic workforce is managed and controlled by a group
of highly competent management team with tonnes of experience in the petroleum
sector, giving our company an edge over others in terms of productivity and service
delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively.
We have a qualified system for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that our
staff and consultants have significant and relevant experience relative to the job they
are assigned. We ensure continuous professional development for our team by
allocating significant resources to various unique training and development programs.
Creating an environment that supports professionalism, integrity and innovation has led
to higher performance team.

 Transparency: Is our commitment to be open and provide quality product
 Innovation: Is our commitment to learn, adapt , act and grow
 Integrity: Is our commitment to the principles of fairness, trust and accountability.
We are transparent, honest and trustworthy.

 Respect: Is our commitment to listen, accept and value diverse perspective
 Responsiveness: Is our commitment to listening and timely and meaningful action.
 Collaboration
 Customer centricity
 Excellence
 Innovation

- Respect and fairness
- Trust and integrity
- Growth mindset
- Teamwork
- Communication and transparency
- Diversify
- Result
- Employee engagement and opportunities for advancement

We demonstrate the skill, good judgment and courtesy expected to execute a project

We strive for excellence in natural gas processing, production and quality services

By having raw gas (rich gas) as our raw material, utilizing expert
technical knowledge and advance machinery and controlling the cycle end to end,
we ensure that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

With a very diversified technical know-how in LNG processing and
production, we offer a personalized customer experience to maximize satisfaction
and to efficiently anticipate and react to our customers needs.

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