The Bed Rock of Clean Green Energy Transition

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The Bed Rock of Clean Green Energy Transition

BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. is established for the purpose of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Processing and Production for Exports and Domestic Distribution.


To be recognized as the premier indigenous LNG Processing and distribution outfit,
driven by safe and responsible energy resource development in Nigeria and the World
at large by using cutting age technology.

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About Us

BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. is a major Nigerian LNG Processing Company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our success is based on quality leadership, experienced Technical Partnership. BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. is committed to being the recognized premium producer of Liquefied Natural Gas for export and
consumption. Our goal is to provide added value Product to Consumers through the application of the extensive experience of our Senior Key Staff, State-of-art Plant and machineries and integration with our Technical Partner’s processes and the development of solutions through technical leadership that deliver economic value.

Natural gas processing is a current global requirement. The structure of processing
plants, installations components, used equipment, products and operating parameters
depend on the natural gas composition and flowrate but also on the market
requirements and price. BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. cardinal objective is to build a gas
processing plant that will process raw natural gas into the desired finished products.
GAS PROCESSING FACILITY is an installation that processes natural gas to recover
natural gas liquids, condensate, natural gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, and
sometimes other substances such as sulfur. BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. is established to
build and commission a Gas Processing Facility in Nigeria to carry out the business of
natural gas processing, a range of industrial process designed to purify raw natural gas
by removing impurities, contaminants and higher molecular mass hydrocarbons to
produce pipeline quality dry gas.

Product and Service Offering

With a very diversified technical know how in LNG processing and production, we offer
a personalized customer experience to maximize satisfaction and to efficiently
anticipate and react to consumers’ needs.