The Bed Rock of Clean Green Energy Transition

Operation & Capabilities

With a very diversified technical know how in LNG processing and production, we offer a personalized customer experience to maximize satisfaction and to efficiently anticipate and react to consumers’ needs.

Systems – As technology is changing rapidly and connecting to all industrial fields to cope up in the best direction by professional standards. All such services are being provided through prominent representation of the international companies which produce the technologies, equipment and tools as well as companies operating in the fields of engineering and construction supported by a workforce that boast of the prerequisite experience and professionalism in project execution. The company is also providing diversified and technically skilled manpower services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, water and private industrial petrochemical companies.

Engineering Design/Project Management (Piping Structural, Instrumentation, Electrical, Building, Etc.)

Engineering Designs, Procurements, Fabrication/Constructions, Installations, Commissioning

Oil and Gas

We provide premium services in the oil, gas & power industries. These services are offered on land, Swamp and offshore terrains. BARUCH&ZURIEL LTD. always strives to perform its services to the highest Quality Standards that is obtainable in the Oil & Gas industry and in accordance with the tenets of ISO 9001-2015.

Engineering Procurement Construction, Installation and Commission

Our team provides a one-stop shop for clients that require turnkey delivery. Our engineering services cover multiple discipline that deliver Detailed Design and Construction/Installation.

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